Fire Investigation & Fire Safety Engineering Courses in Edinburgh
Fire Investigation &Fire Safety EngineeringCourses in Edinburgh

Fire Dynamics & Fire Safety Engineering Design

Fire testing of structural elements

As structures in the built environment are climbing ever higher, and going deeper underground, the need for robust and intelligent fire strategies is ever increasing. Most architects, design engineers, building control officers, and other professional people working in the built environment do not receive sufficient instruction in fire safety engineering during their training to fully understand the complexities or methods of fire safety design for modern infrastructure.


The University of Edinburgh is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide who have been studying and teaching in the field of Fire Safety Engineering for several decades.

This three day course aims to provide a strong fondation in the fundamentals of fire behaviour and the tools used to design buildings against the risk of fire in a performance-based regulatory environment. Topics include: 

  • Flammability and burning
  • Fire growth and zone models
  • Smoke management
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics models
  • Detection and suppression
  • Structural fire safety engineering

The programme is designed as a thorough introduction to the subjects, at a graduate level, and will be suitable for Fire Safety & Security Consultants, Building Control Officers, Regulators, and other professional persons.

This course is not running this year.

Please contact us if you are interested in future instances of the course. 

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