Fire Investigation & Fire Safety Engineering Courses in Edinburgh
Fire Investigation &Fire Safety EngineeringCourses in Edinburgh

An Introduction to Tunnel Fires

This two day course aims to equip those working in the field of tunnel fire safety with the essential foundations of knowledge they need.


The course is aimed at professional engineers, designers, tunnel operators, regulators, etc.

Topics will be presented at a graduate level, but no specific knowledge of the topics presented is expected.

This course should therefore be appropriate to all parties interested in fire safety in tunnels.


The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to fire dynamics
  • Vehicle fires
  • Fire behaviour in tunnels
  • Tunnel fires vs. ventilation
  • Tunnel fires vs. sprinklers
  • Introduction to structures
  • Response of structures to fire
  • Response of concrete to fire
  • Structural fire protection
  • Introduction to smoke
  • Ventilation for smoke control
  • Ventilation modelling (CFD)
  • Introduction to human behaviour
  • Tenability in smoke
  • Egress issues – road
  • Egress issues – rail
  • Wayfinding and escape

Presenters on the 2016 course

Dr Ricky Carvel

Lecturer in Combustion & Fire Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Editor of the ‘Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety’ (2nd Edition, ICE Publishing, 2011). Has been working in the field of fire science and tunnel fire phenomena since 1998. His research work has focussed on the interaction between fires and ventilation (specifically tunnel ventilation systems, crosswinds and, currently, underventilated fires such as in basements and ships' holds). He has authored more than 20 journal papers and more than 40 conference papers.



Prof Bart Merci

Head of the research unit ‘Combustion, Fire and Fire Safety’, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, Belgium. Authored more than 100 peer reviewed journal papers and approximately 200 conference papers, as well as a few chapters in books. Guest professor at KU Leuven and at DTU. Coordinator of the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) programme. Chair of the Belgian Section of the Combustion Institute. One of the editors-in-chief of Fire Safety Journal, the leading journal in fire safety science.



Dr Daniel Nilsson

Senior Lecturer at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University, Sweden. His area of expertise is Human Behaviour in Fire, and his research is mainly focused on the interaction between people and evacuation systems, e.g., way-finding systems and fire alarms. Recent studies have involved evaluation of both visual and auditory way-finding systems in smoke filled tunnels, as well as studies on the design of fire alarms and way-finding systems in high-rise buildings. 


Prof Luke Bisby

Chair of Fire and Structures and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair within the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering. Head of the Research Institute for Infrastructure and Environment within the School of Engineering at Edinburgh. One of the editors-in-chief of Fire Safety Journal, the leading journal in fire safety science.




It is not currently possible to offer the full two day course at present. Dr Carvel is currently offering a one day version of the course, for presentation to various companies in their own offices, anywhere in the world. Please use the 'Contact Us' form to make an enquiry if you want further information. 


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